How A Mother Finally Said “Good Riddance” To Her Children’s Anger Problems (And How You Can Do It Too)

Before everything else, if you’re looking for anger management for children, then allow me to tell you a quick story about a woman who a year ago was pretty much in the exact same situation as you are right now.

Angela Simpson: 39-year old mother of 2 boys in ,

As much as Angela loved her two sons, they weren’t always the adorable and angelic sweethearts that they are today.

That’s because just about a year ago, her elder son James (aged 6 years old at that time) had serious problems with keeping his temper and patience in order.

When I mean serious, I really do mean it. James would suffer from extreme anger whenever he didn’t get what he want, and would act completely defiant and refused to follow anything Angela would say.

He would fight with his brother Chris, who is 2 years younger than him and also had problems with his temper, and the screaming and quarreling would get really bad.

Absolutely nothing worked to calm her children.

It wasn’t long until Angela and her husband Peter realized that they had a serious problem on their hands, and asked their friends for any solutions they might know about.

They tried establishing all sorts of rules, but whenever they would try to enforce these rules they would get even angrier.

They bought the children punching bags so they would be able to take out their anger on something else other than themselves, but the fighting just wouldn’t stop.

They also tried putting them through children’s therapy for a while, but it didn’t work. At such a young age, both James or Chris wouldn’t be able to understand why they had to go through it.

Things got so bad that they even considered putting them on medication but decided against it.

They were truly at a loss. As a mother, Angela dreaded the thought of her degrading relationship with her children. She wanted them to grow up in a loving household without any issues of hating their parents like so many children today.

She also realized that if they as parents didn’t do anything to help their aggressiveness while they’re at a young age, they could grow up to become problematic teenagers and adults.

Angela was getting truly desperate, as she realized this was starting to cause problems between her husband and her. She had to search for a possible solution online. And that’s when she came across a specific anger management for children program.

The program that FINALLY turned everything around…

Angela stumbled upon a FREE child discipline presentation for the “Happy Child Guide” by Dr. Blaise Ryan.

To tell you the truth, she was pretty skeptical when she first watched the presentation, having gone through so many so-called solutions that didn’t do anything.

But something inside her head told her to go ahead and take the risk to do it anyway… And boy, is she glad she did.

Angela and her husband immediately put the system into action.

The transformation in the children was incredible. Within just a few weeks, James and Chris started to show signs of change.

They started fighting less, and it was a little quieter around the house.

A few months passed, and embarrassing public tantrums and outbursts completely stopped happening.

Angela and Peter couldn’t believe it… Is the information in this video really the solution they’ve been trying to find for months? It definitely looked like it.

Watch the child discipline video that changed Angela’s parenting life (will open a new window)

If you see James and Chris today, you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

Both of them are the most cooperative and polite children to have around, and follow instructions whenever their parents give them some.

Angela’s family is a much happier family now, since they’re no longer dealing with anger outbreaks from their children everyday. They’re dealing with a lot less stress than they used to.

Angela’s marriage with Peter is also a lot happier, and she would actually go as far as saying this anger management for children program saved their marriage.

You can change your child’s behavior too…

You can probably relate to Angela’s story. Thousands of mothers and fathers who are having problems controlling their child’s anger, and its becoming a bigger problem by the day. With harsher measures being frowned upon in today’s society, you have no idea what to do in order to be able to discipline your child. Which is exactly why you should get your hands on this program as soon as possible.

This program has done wonders for many parents just like yourself. You won’t have to deal with those problems anymore. You can finally stop having the fear of your child growing up with seething anger when it comes to his or her parents. By now you can probably tell that I’m no longer talking specifically about Angela who serves as an archetype for hundreds if not thousands of mothers out there who found tremendous success managing their child’s anger by following this program. For legal purposes I should mention that I make a little bit of money if you purchase the product, and that if you don’t do anything with the information then you are not likely to get any positive results. Now with that out of the way, if you’re a parent struggling to control their children’s temper and is looking for effective anger management for children then you should get your hands on this program RIGHT NOW.

Trust me on this one; this will possibly turn your life and relationship with your children around 180 degrees.


11 Responses to “How A Mother Finally Said “Good Riddance” To Her Children’s Anger Problems (And How You Can Do It Too)”

  1. Louise Stevenson Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Angela… I came across your site while I was doing research on that program, and came back after I was able to “tame” my children as well LOL!

  2. Joe Jamison Says:

    Hi Angela, as a single father I too had some major problems with my child’s anger issues (it seems that the divorce process made it a lot worse) and this program did help me resolve those issues. It took longer than expected, but I’ll take that over “never”.

  3. Rachel Putnam Says:

    how long before you can expect your child to behave, my little Johnny has been throwing tantrums at the supermarket more and more lately and its gotten to the point where I can’t take him when I go grocery shopping.

  4. Angela Simpson Says:

    First of all thank you Aaron for featuring me on your blog!!!

    @Louise and Joe: Thanks for dropping by, I’m glad that this helped you out!

    @Rachel: Your mileage may vary, but with constant practice of the principles in the program James and Chris constantly showed good behavior within 2-3 months. The program isn’t a band-aid solution but rather it shows you a different approach to parenting to control a child’s anger issues.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Thanks Angela for the recommendation, I’m going to check it out right now

  6. Cathy V. Says:

    I’m another successful customer of this program… I’m really glad to see that it’s helping others as well! Thanks for sharing Angela.

  7. Angela Simpson Says:

    @ Melissa: Go ahead, I really don’t think think you’ll be disappointed!

    @ Cathy: No problem! Let me know how it goes.

  8. Aaron McMillan Says:

    No Problem Angela ;) It was my pleasure to have you here

  9. honey Says:

    Very helpful post from a really inspiring practitioner–If you’ve got some advice on that, I’d love it!

  10. Keenan Bevard Says:

    bipolar is when you go through episodes of manic depression and manic normal/excitement. You have extreme highs and lows. Take for instance Robin Williams… he is bipolar and does his greatest work when he is in a manic period (obviouly the high manic period and not the depressive manic).

  11. John W Rhodes Says:

    More people need to hear your story. As a clinical therapist I can truly understand what you have gone. It’s exciting to see that there are anger management systems out there that really work. Dr. Blaise Ryan’s is one the great example’s of anger management specailist that are doing some great thing with chidlren and parents, which is cutting edge and non-traditional. It is quite interesting to see that I share some of same techniques in my program, which is encouring.

    Thanks again for your story.

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